Gabriel Vendramin

Gabriel Vendramin was a Venetian collector of the 1500s. He was the brother to Andrea Vendramin, the doge renowned for jumping into the Rialto to save the Relic of the True Cross. Gabriel was well known by contemporaries for his celebrated collections of antique coins and sculptures. His collection included a wide range of artworks: paintings, woodcuts, engravings, vases, marble and bronze statues, and rare curiosities (including a unicorn horn). Gabriel possessed works by a number of well-known painters, including the Tempesta and La Vecchia by Giorgione. He also owned works by Titian and commissioned a family portrait of himself, his brother Andrea, and his brother’s seven children. He was also a close friend of Titian. After his death, he intended for his collection to remain within the family, but pressures from other collectors eventually convinced the family to sell many of his objects. (RD)

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