Countess of Arundel, Aleatha Howard

Aleatha Howard (1585-1654), Countess of Arundel, was an English art collector of the seventeenth century. She married Thomas Howard in 1606 and together they developed a love of collecting paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, and other historical curiosities. While traveling in Europe, Aleatha developed ties with Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony Van Dyck, and Tizianello (Titian’s cousin), through whom Aleatha and her husband collected several works attributed to Titian. As part of the party that escorted Queen Marie de’ Medici to Holland, she decided to remain in Antwerp while her husband continued to Padua and left the collection in her name. She imported part of her collection to her new home and retained ownership of the rest still in England until her death, when it was divided between her sons.

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