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Title: Annunciation

Date work started: 1562

Date work completed: 1564

Place created: Venice

Patron: San Salvatore


Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 403.0cm X 235.0cm

Genre: religious

  • Sequence: Itinerary 1 of 2

    Owner Name: Titian

    In possession from: 1562 to 1564

    Location: Casa Grande


    Wethey, Harold, The Paintings of Titian, v. 1: The Religious Paintings, (London: Phaidon, 1969), pp. 71-72

    Humphrey says it was painted in 1565 (p.207)


  • Sequence: Itinerary 2 of 2

    Owner Name: San Salvatore

    In possession from: 1564 to Present

    Location: San Salvatore


    Wethey, v. 1, pp. 71-72


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