Danae with a Nursemaid (Hermitage Museum)

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Title: Danae with a Nursemaid (Hermitage Museum)

Date work started:

Date work completed:

Place created: Venice



Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 120.0cm X 187.0cm

Genre: myth

  • Sequence: Itinerary 1 of 3

    Owner Name: Titian

    In possession from: 1560 to Unknown

    Location: Casa Grande, Venice


    The dating of this picture is uncertain. It most likely was executed at the time of the other Danaes.


  • Sequence: Itinerary 2 of 3

    Owner Name: Louis Phélypeaux de la Vrillière

    In possession from: Unknown to 1681

    Location: Hotel de la Vrillière


    The picture is listed in a 1633 inventory. The end date given here coincides with Louis Phélypeaux de la Vrillière's death date, but the picture could have left his collection before this date. There is also some speculation that this Danae was the picture owned by Doria, rather than the Prado Danae.

    Citations: Falomir, Miguel and Paul Joannides, 'Dánae y Venus y Adonis, las primeras poesías de Tiziano para Felipe II' Boletín del Museo del Prado vol. : (2014), pp. 7-51.

  • Sequence: Itinerary 3 of 3

    Owner Name: State Hermitage Museum

    In possession from: to Present

    Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia



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