St. Mary Magdalene in Penitence (destroyed)

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Title: St. Mary Magdalene in Penitence (destroyed)

Date work started: 1561

Date work completed: 1561

Place created: Venice

Patron: Philip II


Material: oil on canvas


Genre: religious

  • Sequence: Itinerary 1 of 6

    Owner Name: Phillip II/Royal Collection

    In possession from: 1574 to 1801

    Location: El Escorial, Madrid


    Wethey, Harold. "Titian's Escorial-Ashburton 'Magdalen,'" The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 118, No. 883 (Oct., 1976), pp. 693-698.


  • Sequence: Itinerary 2 of 6

    Owner Name: Joseph Bonaparte

    In possession from: 1810 to 1813

    Location: Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso


    Bonaparte left Spain in 1813, returned to Mortefontaine, just outside of Paris. In 1814, he went to Switzerland and then back to Paris before he left for good and began living in the United States, first renting a house in Philadelphia and then buying a large tract of land on Point Breeze in Bordentown, NJ, beginning in 1815. Sometime before 1845 the painting was sold to Lord Ashburton in New York.

    Citations: Volk, Mary Crawford, 'New Light on a Seventeenth-Century Collector: The Marquis of Legan├ęs' Art Bulletin vol. 62 : 2 (1980), .

  • Sequence: Itinerary 3 of 6

    Owner Name: Joseph Bonaparte

    In possession from: 1813 to 1815

    Location: Mortefontaine



  • Sequence: Itinerary 4 of 6

    Owner Name: Joseph Bonaparte

    In possession from: 1815 to Unknown

    Location: Bordentown, NJ


    Bonaparte left New Jersey in 1839 for Europe, and the Mary Magdalene was in Lord Ashburton's possession before 1847. He sold most of his possessions in 1845.


  • Sequence: Itinerary 5 of 6

    Owner Name: Alexander Baring, Lord Ashburton

    In possession from: Unknown to 1873

    Location: Bath House, 82 Picadilly, London



  • Sequence: Itinerary 6 of 6

    Owner Name:

    In possession from: 1873 to 1873

    Location: destroyed by fire at Bath House, Piccadilly



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