Trinity (Gloria)

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Title: Trinity (Gloria)

Date work started: 1551

Date work completed: 1554

Place created: Venice

Patron: Charles V


Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 346.0cm X 240.0cm

Genre: religious

  • Sequence: Itinerary 1 of 5

    Owner Name: Titian

    In possession from: 1551 to 1554

    Location: Casa Grande


    Wethey, Harold. The Paintings of Titian, v. 1: The Religious Paintings, London: Phaidon 1969, pp. 165-166.


  • Sequence: Itinerary 2 of 5

    Owner Name: Charles V

    In possession from: 1554 to 1556

    Location: Coudenberg Palace


    Wethey says this painting was presumably commissioned during Titian's visit to Augsburg, 1550-1551.
    According to a letter from Titian to Charles V, painting completed September 10, 1554; shipped by Vargas before October 15, 1554 (cites Crowe and Cavalscalle, 1877, II, p. 508; Cloulas, 1967, pp. 224-225).


  • Sequence: Itinerary 3 of 5

    Owner Name: Charles V

    In possession from: 1556 to 1574

    Location: Monasterio de Yuste


    Wethey says this painting was taken to the monastery on his retirement in 1556, citing Gachard, 1855, II, p. 90. The painting is listed in the Inventory made after Charles V's death (1558). Wethey cites Sanchez Loro, II, p. 506, no. 401.


  • Sequence: Itinerary 4 of 5

    Owner Name: Spanish Royal Family

    In possession from: 1574 to 1837

    Location: El Escorial


    Philip II sends the painting to the Escorial in 1574, Wethey cites Zarco Cuevas, 'Invetario', 1930, p. 44, no. 1002. Wethey cites later Inventory editions (1923 and 1933), referencing Padre Sig├╝enza (1599) and Padre de los Santos (1657), who both say the painting is in the Escorial.


  • Sequence: Itinerary 5 of 5

    Owner Name: Museo del Prado

    In possession from: 1837 to Present

    Location: Museo del Prado


    Wethey, I, (1969), pp. 165-166.


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