Wisdom (Sapienza)

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Title: Wisdom (Sapienza)

Date work started: 1560

Date work completed: 1562

Place created: Venice

Patron: Comune di Venezia


Material: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 177.0cm X 177.0cm

Genre: myth

  • Sequence: Itinerary 1 of 2

    Owner Name: Titian

    In possession from: 1560 to 1562

    Location: Casa Grande, Venice



  • Sequence: Itinerary 2 of 2

    Owner Name: Comune di Venezia

    In possession from: 1562 to Present

    Location: Biblioteca Marciana


    Ridolfi is the first author to attribute this painting to Titian and identifies the subject as "History."

    Ridolfi, C., ed. von Hadeln, 'Le Maraviglie dell'Arte,' vol. 1, p. 202.

    Wethey, Harold. "The Paintings of Titian," vol. III (1975), pp. 204-205, cat. no. 55.


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